exciting things

so the past 2 weeks have been full of some exciting things happening over here (and in the US)!

not only did we, the husband and i, travel to the US to attend and be part of my younger brothers wedding. we also were able to make a small holiday out of the trip! with only 7 days in Texas together we really had to budget our time accordingly.

i will add a few other posts regarding this trip, because i don’t think its possible to cover everything in one go. but a short summary: we had photos taken!, rehearsal dinner, rockets game, wedding, dinner with cousins, dinner with friends, shopping. doesn’t look like much, but i swear, every day we were so busy! it didn’t help that the husband had such a hard time adjusting with the sleep…i’ll take partial blame for that as i booked our picture session for 7:30am the morning after he arrived ;). once we get our pictures back, i’ll make sure to share them…but from what we have seen so far…LOVE THEM!!!!

photos of our past 2 weeks will also be coming soon…its hard coming back and trying to get everything all in order, stupid jetlag!

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