4 years ago in australia

the week of thanksgiving 4 years ago i was setting out on an adventure in australia. i had moved there on a working/holiday visa shortly after finishing my bachelor’s degree. originally i had planned on visiting friends and maybe finding a job as an au pair (which i eventually did), but the intervening 3 months impacted me in a way i never imagined from my trip. i grew up more in those 3 months than i did in my entire time in college…i was thousands of miles from family and was forced to make decisions on my own and began to fully trust my own inner voice.

anyways…a month and a half into my trip, i decided i would take a “job” on an island off the coast of queensland and in return i could stay for free for as long as i wished! it was a dream come true! not only did it allow me to see more of a beautiful country, but it also pushed me out of my comfort zone. i spent 2 weeks on great keppel island working at the water sports stand (basically i got to stay at the beach all day and help the day-tourists with their supplies). i hope they are still offering the same deal i got to other travellers because it truly was a highlight of my entire trip to australia.

if you want to learn more about GKI, you can find them here in wikipedia (i searched for further info, but the sites i found didn’t offer much).

after the jump i have added some of my favorite pictures from my short time there


upon first arriving at GKI, i found this hammock to be one of my favorite places to sit back and relax. on an island where “relax” is the main thing to do…it wasn’t hard to find a favorite place 😉DSCN1479

sitting on the beach and watching the clouds roll in and out was part of my job, it was so unbelievably amazing!!!DSCN1522

and, being on an island, you are constantly surrounded by some of the best shows nature can put on…be it sunrises, or sunsetsDSCN1519

this was my “office” for the 2 weeks i was there…oh and i forgot to mention that i got my 15seconds of fame while there too! i was on the australian “today show” as the host was hosting the show off the coast, underwater!!DSCN1504

never fails to impressDSCN1496

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