stupid striking Deutsche Bahn Streik

perfect timing, deutsche bahn! on monday i fly to the states, and on wednesday the husband joins me. my little brother will be getting married in a little over a week, and we are taking a miniature holiday to be there for the festivities!

as of wednesday afternoon (so yesterday at 3pm local time) the deutsche bahn (the trains) started a strike that will last 109 hours!! that is four days total, ending at 4am monday…extremely frustrating!!

not only is this the longest ever strike in history, it is affecting over 70% of all trains in germany! i also found out yesterday that the strike is only supported by roughly 20% of the union workers, and that the head of the union is just wanting to exert his power…ridiculous!

this means, that my air-rail ticket to the airport in frankfurt on monday morning might be affected. and even if it isn’t, as it departs at 6:50am, the repercussions of the strike will still be felt when i should be boarding my train. the husband and i chose to fly out of frankfurt instead of bonn for multiple reasons, 1) cost, 2) direct flight, 3) better airline…well now that has backfired on us! travelling in itself is always stressful, try adding on a nationwide strike of all trains on top of it…and since we don’t have a car, we are really having to research our options.

but some good news, hopefully. i just came across an article which states that the labor court in frankfurt is looking into the legalities of the strike and there might be a ruling to a preliminary stop of the strike. this ruling should be delivered today…fingers crossed!

otherwise the options are as follows:

  • mitfahrgelegenheit – basically you go to a website and people post that they are driving from point A to point B and would like to drive people to save on gas, like carsharing
  • rent a car – this isn’t the best option for us, as the husband has his last EVER exam on monday at 11am in cologne, a 2 hour drive from frankfurt (and if the strike is continuing, the traffic would be horrible)
  • bus – there is the ADAC/PostBus which drives from bonn to frankfurt

the first and third option are the most plausible, they just add extra costs of transport and staying overnight on sunday in a hotel…we shall see!!

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