so last week, when i wrote about the bonn baskets game, i mentioned that i would add some pictures…well, that time has come! i have finally transferred the images from my phone to my computer in order to share them. as you will be able to see, i have included some other pictures of the past month, just a little insight into what has been going on over here!

IMAG0659^^i walked into the husbands office earlier this month and saw the pup laying on his bed playing with his baby…it was too cute! he prefers his bed to have no sheet…he is a little strange like that 🙂 ^^IMAG0664^^warm ups for the Baskets, their main colors are pink and white ;)^^ IMAG0665^^ not such a great picture, but the group behind the one side of the basket are in charge of leading the chants…its quite loud sitting so close to them^^IMAG0666^^action shot^^IMAG0679^^sitting at the hofgarten in between class and work…before the cold weather blew through^^IMAG0680^^the pup and the husband looking a bit comical before bed…the pup has taken to sitting like a human recently…its too funny!!^^IMAG0685^^more human sitting^^IMAG0690^^my intercultural training took place on poppelsdorfer allee…one of my favorite places in bonn…so i snuck out during lunch to enjoy the peace and sunshine!^^IMAG0693^^one of our favorite blue apron meals^^IMAG0694^^watching the sunset while waiting for german class to start^^IMAG0695^^another favorite from blue apron^^

only a week and a half until the husband and i head stateside for my little brothers wedding…let the excitement build!

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  1. really enjoy your posts! can’t wait to see y’all!

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