so germany is all about having certificates of any and all kinds. that in mind, i signed up for an intercultural training at the university this past weekend.

the training consisted of 10 german students and 10 international students and was lead by a lady who has been studying cultural interactions for the past 10+ years. we covered topics ranging from stereotypes and how to address them, to the process of living abroad and the emotions that normally come with it. it was so reassuring talking to people who are in a similar situation to myself. the emotions involved with living abroad for an extended period of time don’t depend on your gender, religion or age…they are equal across all boards. it was interesting to see all the experiences i’ve had backed up by research…everything from fearing i had made the worst mistake of my life, to the highs that come with success and back to homesickness.

in completing this training, i received my coveted certificate! those not living in germany might thing this sounds a little comical…but germans are all about qualifications. yes university degrees, masters, doctorates, foreign language knowledge (as long is there is proof of level through a certificate), and extra trainings (such as the intercultural one). all of these are included in your resumé and potential employers might even list these items as a requirement for application. i have also moved closer to attaining another certificate, this one being for international competence. in order to gain this one, i need to take certain courses at the university and become involved in certain societies. so not only will it be helpful later on, it also deepens the knowledge gained while at university…i’m all for that!

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