bonn baskets(ball)

a week ago the husband and i (plus his parents, sister and her boyfriend) went to a professional basketball game here in bonn. this is the 3rd (i think) game i’ve been to since moving here.

the first time was a shock, not in a profoundly negative or positive way, but totally different than anything i had experienced in my years of attending nba and ncaa games. i will try to paint the picture as easily and simply as possible.

the stadium:

  • roughly the size of the bottom portion of the erwin center at UT
  • one end is completely standing-room-only
  • the concourse at the top is SRO as well

the team

  • name: Bonn Baskets
  • mascot: Bonnie (i think she is a bear…but i was corrected that she is a lion bc on the flag of bonn there is a lion)
  • colors: pink, white and black
  • sponsor: t-mobile

the players

  • a mix of nationalities
  • the coach can be overheard speaking english with the players, as i am guessing it is the common language spoken amongst players

the fans

  • the SRO area at the one end of the court is manned by a large group who decide what chants should be said
  • they wave flags and such as well (just like in the bundesliga soccer matches)
  • they stay until the end…even if their team is getting hammered

so while the stadium is much smaller, the atmosphere is just as great as you would find at an nba match or even college. and you don’t have to fork over a heap of money just to get tickets. we paid less than 25$ each, which makes it quite an enjoyable evening out. overall, going to a baskets game is always so much fun. even though they lost this time around 😉

i have taken pictures and videos, but unfortunately, forgot to load them up. i will do that later in the week.

if you want to learn more about the baskets, click here. to read more about the league (basketball bundesliga), click here

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