that one time we went to see the harry potter exhibit

oh my goodness!! last weekend was so much fun! for our anniversary, the husband got us tickets to the new (and only for a limited time) harry potter exhibition at the oddyseum in cologne! you can tell by all the “!”s that i was/still am super stoked about it!!!

we had tickets for the 2pm slot (they have limited tickets for each 30 minute slot to make sure that people can see everything without too much of a crowd), so we took the train at 12:53 even though it only takes 40 minutes to get there. i was just too excited and didn’t want to be late and them not let us in! (i don’t think that would have happened…but that’s where my mind was headed). anyways, we got there at about ten minutes to 2 because of train delays, etc. but it was OK, we still made it with time to spare!

the first exciting part was that before you go into the exhibit, you get to take a picture with your favorite house scarf and a wand! haha, the husband was secretly smiling the whole time 😀 but that was just the beginning. they said the exhibit takes 90 minutes to view (when you pay 5€ extra for the audio tour, we didn’t do this part). then as we began to wander through the exhibit, we were greeted with so many artifacts from the films that i just had a massive smile plastered on my face the whole time!! some of my favorites included seeing the “hogwarts express”, hagrid’s hut and the death eater part! i took quite a few pictures from inside, but since flash was not allowed, they didn’t turn out so fabulous :/ but you can click below to see them 😉

IMG_1782IMG_1794^^the diary of the half blood prince

IMG_1799 IMG_1800


^^hanging out in Hagrid’s chair!^^IMG_1814

^^Lucius Malfoy’s cane^^IMG_1818

^^The Dark Mark above the Death Eaters!^^IMG_1823

^^Godric Gryffindor’s Sword!!!^^IMG_1819

^^all of the horcruxes!^^IMG_1829^^the Deathly Hallows^^ (the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection Stone!)

ok, enough of my rambling, but we so really enjoyed this exhibit (probably me more than him) and so happy that it was so close for us to get to! we have already decided that when we go to london (whenever that may be) that we will make sure to check out the harry potter world there because it is bound to be even more amazing (if that’s even possible!!!)

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