Tag der Deutschen Einheit

so this past friday was a public holiday here in germany. its the day known as “Day of German Unity” or “Reunification Day,” basically it is the national holiday celebrated all across germany in honor of east and west being reunited following the cold war and the fall of the berlin wall.

a few interesting facts about Tag der Einheit

  • first recognized in 1990
  • there is no historical significance to the day of october 3rd, the day that they originally thought of (november 9th, the day the berlin wall opened) was also the same day as kristallnacht, so they didn’t want to bring national remembrance to that day as well
  • it isn’t the same type of national holiday as in the states (you don’t see fireworks, flags waving, etc.) mainly bc after the second world war nationalism in germany was frowned upon
  • in 2011 there was a large celebration in bonn…i don’t know much more about that, sadly

since it was a public holiday, and the national holiday no less, you’d think there would be a lot going on around town, right?! well…no. the only thing germans really do on this day is take the time to relax, meet up with family and friends, but no real mention of the holiday is seen, at least not in this part of the country. i’ve read that in berlin they hold outdoor concerts and such on the 3rd of october, but i guess since they are the capitol that is to be expected.

so our october 3rd consisted of: sleeping in, enjoying the really gorgeous weather and playing a game of cards in the evening with the husbands parents

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