one week to recover

so the pup is on the mend! thankfully, we were all a bit nervous over here! he now only has a funny haircut on his tummy from where they did the ultrasound (which came back negative :))

that said, his recuperation time allowed both the husband and i to get some much needed work done for uni. yesterday i handed in my 3 term papers, and feel a huge sense of relief having finished all of them. albeit, the last one could have been better and more thought out, but there is nothing i can change about that now.

the husband has also used the time to start planning out his thesis. it is due december 22nd, so he has 2.5 months to write 60+ pages. luckily, he has a good support team. he is writing on a topic in which his dad currently works, so i’m sure that will turn out quite helpful. also, his mom is very good at editing his work, so that will come in handy too in the later weeks. i, unfortunately, will only be able to offer moral support, as my german is not good enough to help him in any other way.

so the week of recovery began yesterday and ends on monday, when the new semester starts at the uni. i will be taking 3 courses this term, and am actually really looking forward to it. i will also be (hopefully) taking another german course 2x a week. i will know more about that around the end of october, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed for it because i think it will be really good. speaking of german…the husband and i have switched to a german only basis now. that means that when we text each other and when we talk its all in german! it started today, so i can’t give much details on our progress, but for him it will be super easy…a break from all the english 😉

no pictures this time, but hopefully on friday this week i’ll get some good ones, its the day of reunification here in germany, so its a public holiday. not sure yet what we will be up to…we shall see!

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  1. I really enjoy reading this! Thanks for the updates ^-^

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