rough week

i haven’t written for a while because we have been having a rough time of it recently.

it started out with the passing of my grandmother. then the pup had an allergic reaction which then progressed into something much worse.

so rewinding to this time last week. we had spent the weekend dog-sitting for a former neighbor and then that Monday night into Tuesday the pup started itching a lot and was really uncomfortable sleeping in bed. the next day i bathed him hoping it was just the grass mites on him again. after the bath he was OK but then when we went to bed that night he broke out in hives all over his back. we proceeded to take the blankets off the bed and he was much better. the next day he was bathed again, which he loved ;), but this time it didn’t help at all. he broke out in hives the second he came in contact with our rug, which now has been removed from the apartment. luckily our couches are leather so whatever little bug it is cannot affect him there. so by Wednesday evening we had removed all allergens from the apartment and he was doing much better, he would still wake up in the night and itch a little, but not so bad. he would also cry out in his sleep, i think he was having nightmares 🙁

but then Saturday something totally different took over. before i headed to work he threw up a lot of grass which he had eaten on his morning walk. he then proceeded to throw up 2 more times. he didn’t eat any more food that day, only grass. that night then he was quite restless and sick to his stomach. all of Sunday he was throwing up, and around 2 it got so bad with blood in it that we took him to “notdienst” which is the on call emergency vet. we got there around 3:30 and they did blood work and put him on an infusion to get his enzymes and nutrients back up. we were told that some of his numbers in the blood work came back too high and that he should fast until we can get him to our normal vet on Monday. we did that and took him to the vet yesterday, they said he was very dehydrated and needs to go on infusion again and they would take more blood to re-check his numbers. i went and picked him up around 7pm last night and they told me that he has pancreatitis. basically, he can no longer properly digest his food because his pancreas is not functioning properly. they said he needs to be in all day on Tuesday to do the infusion and they will also do an ultrasound to check and make sure there are no further issues.

this morning he woke up and was not as energetic as i was hoping he would be. walks are no longer his favorite activity right now, he just doesn’t have the energy for it. but he had an appetite this morning, which is a step in the right direction. i dropped him off around 9 this morning and he will stay until 7:30 tonight. we will get the results of the ultrasound then, and they will let us know a course of action.


this is the pick-line they have in his arm where he gets his infusions, it has stayed wrapped up over the past few days at home so they don’t need to re-pick him. he doesn’t seem to mind it, thankfully!


at the notdienst getting our first session of infusion, he was using the paper towel roll as a pillow, funny kid!


this was after our visit to the notdienst, he was a little drugged up on painkillers, but slept through the whole night


here he is this morning getting ready for his full day of treatment, hoping for more looks like this in the coming days!

the house is a bit too quiet today while he spends it at the vet getting better. i hope the next few days everything returns to normal, i miss my puppy-boy!

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