in loving memory

one of the hardest parts of living a great distance from your family is when something happens. two days ago as i was heading to work, my mom told me that my nana passed away. true, this is something you are never fully prepared for and it is always hard to handle, but being separated from my family at a time like this is extra difficult. my mom and sister are able to fly in for the memorial service, and i find myself searching for memories of my nana that i know will continue to last.

but i have to say, even though i am separated from my family at a time like this, my husband has shown just how great a human he is. he actually found out before me, on facebook, and once he knew that i found out he dropped what he was doing and brought the pup to my work to bring me home (he knew it was better if i found out from my mom). he then proceeded to make my favorite dinner and put on funny movies to lighten the mood a bit. he also knows when i need my space and when i need to just cry it out, and he doesn’t mind any of it…he really is such a blessing!


this is the most recent photo i have of nana, which i actually stole from my aunt (i hope you don’t mind). but i love how happy and beautiful she looks in it! exactly how i remember her.

even though i cannot be there on saturday for the service, i know that she would have understood, and for that i am grateful!!! she always treated us as if we were her own grandkids, even though we weren’t technically blood-related. she always took the time to teach us new things, to encourage us when we needed it, and to foster a relationship that she knew we needed in a grandparent. i will be forever amazed by her person, and consider myself, and my cousins, brother and sister, truly honored to have known her.

me too nana, i can’t wait to see you again someday!

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