this past weekend the husband and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary. most people say that marriage is hard, and yes it has its challenges, but i think we are doing quite well. its an adjustment merging two different cultures into one marriage, but we have found ways to make it work.

anyways, onto the exciting stuff! i recommended that we do something outdoors since the weather was really lovely. so we went just 10 minutes by train towards Cologne, to a town called Brühl. the only time we had been there before was to go to Phantasialand, the theme park in the area. but this time we had something else in mind. we decided to visit the Schloßer Brühl (or Brühl Palaces), and oh my word was it incredible!

mind you, we have seen our fair share of castles while living here in germany and visiting other countries, but this one absolutley shocked us! maybe because it isn’t high on anyones “must-see” list, or the fact that it is so close and no one we know has ever been before…we had no idea what to expect. but it’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised and amazed.

unfortunately, you cannot take pictures from inside the castle or hunting lodge, but the rooms were so breathtaking that i don’t think the images will ever be wiped from my memory. (if you want to see more of the castles, just click here, you can click on both Augustusburg and Falkenlust to read more about the two properties, as well as see some gorgeous photos! ) the site is a dedicated UNESCO world heritage site, and is linked to the poppelsdorfer schloß here in bonn. sadly, poppseldorfer schloß was bombed by allied forces during wwii and does not have the grandeur of brühl, but makes us wonder how extravagant it was…they were both owned by the archbishop of cologne.

in order to visit the main castle, you must take a guided tour, which is offered in german but you can also have an audio guide, which i used just in case i couldn’t understand everything. you can also buy a “combi-ticket” which allows you to visit the falconlust hunting lodge as well (at Falkenlust you take a self-guided tour). the garden grounds are open to the public, but the castle is closed each monday, as well as in the winter (december and january).

i am so happy we went, i now know a castle not more than 15 minutes away from us that i can easily take family and friends who come to visit. i don’t think i will ever tire of seeing that grand staircase and ceiling paintings…just awe-inspiring

if you want to see some images i took of the outside of the palace and the gardens, just click to contineIMG_1762

this is the view of the castle you get once you leave the main train station in Brühl


front view of AugustusburgIMG_1768

view of the castle from the gardensIMG_1769 IMG_1770

looking out towards the treeline which leads the way to FalkenlustIMG_1772

journeying to Falkenlust, which i accidentally forgot to get a picture of…IMG_1774

Augustusburg from the treelineIMG_1776

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