when ‘in Bruges’

this past friday we took advantage of better health and sunnier weather. the husbands parents were on the last days of their holidays and asked if we wanted to join them on a day trip to Bruges…of course we wouldn’t say no! the pup spent the day at doggie-daycare (he absolutely loves it!) and we spent the day in Belgium.

since its roughly a 3 hour drive and we had to be back at 6pm to pick the pups up, we left at 7am! early call time for us, but that’s ok…it was well worth it! i would describe the scenery on the way…but i fell asleep about 40 minutes in and woke up only 30 minutes before we got there 😉

once we parked the car, we easily found our way to the city centre (it’s not a very large city, so it was easy to find), you only have to follow the tower of the Belfort and you will get there!

to say the city is pretty is an understatement. in my time living here in europe, as well as in australia and the us, i have seen a fair few cities…but Bruges is just downright gorgeous. even when it rained for a few minutes and the grey clouds came lingering…it was still just as breath-taking! it is a city from the middle ages, and many of its buildings show those roots. we started the day by visiting the Belfry (Belfort) Tower and climbing the 366 stairs to the top. the ‘birds eye view’ it offered was well worth the burning legs and hard breathing! after this we found our way to the BEAUTIFUL Madonna and Child sculpted by Michelangelo. we were lucky because the church it is in is under construction, so we only had to pay 1€ to enter, versus the normal 6€! i would’ve paid it either way, the history behind that sculpture and the beauty of it is more than enough! (if you have seen the recent hollywood movie, the monuments men, you might recognize this statue 😉 it is the only sculpture by Michelangelo to leave Italy in his life, and during the 2nd world war, it was stolen by the nazi’s and found a few years later in Austria). after those two moments i considered the trip a success! but we still had time to kill, so we ate some Belgian waffles and fries, then took a little boat tour through the canals…a great way to see parts of the city that are a bit further by foot when you only have a few hours.

we headed home around 2:30 and made it just in time to get the pups from doggie daycare and our pup continued to sleep the rest of the day! it wasn’t hard for us to go to bed early that night either, it was a whirlwind of a day…but so enjoyable!

if you want to see some pictures, just click to keep reading 😉

^^view of the belfry tower, we walked to the top for this view below

IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1728

^^how gorgeous is it? all those red roofs just scream middle ages to me!^^


^^the Madonna and Child, i mean the altar is gorgeous as well. unfortunately you can’t get closer due to fears of vandalism (especially after other works by Michelangelo have been damaged in other locations 🙁 )^^


^^when standing on the market place you are just surrounded by the medieval buildings with steeped roofs , the place is so large i can only imagine how teeming with people it was during the middle ages, all wanting to sell their goods!^^


^^while on our canal boat tour, we came across this building, and i thought it was so amazing, probably built sometime in the 13th or 14th century and still standing!^^


^^this is the view you get of the Church of Our Lady, which houses the Madonna and Child, from the canals^^


^^here we are, with the Belfry Tower and canals behind us…such an amazing day!!!^^


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