so yesterday started the bundesliga season, aka soccer season. the husband couldn’t be happier! it reminds me a lot of the start of football season back in the states, everyone gets so excited about it! the only difference is…the season here lasts so much longer! there are 18 teams in the 1st league (there are over 6 leagues total, and if you finish in the last 2 places for the season, then they move you down to a lower league and move another team up) and they play vs each other twice. the first half of the season is completed before christmas, then the second half starts in february and ends in may or so. it wouldn’t seem so long, except this year there was really no break from football, what with the world cup and all. don’t get me wrong, i really have converted to a soccer fan, but i could do with a few more weeks of peace and quiet 😉

the husbands favorite team plays this evening, the team is borussia dortmund, their mascot is a bumble bee! we went to a game my first year here and it truly was an experience! i have never been to an nfl game, but i have to admit it was way more exciting and the crowd was more into it than i’ve ever seen at a texas longhorns match…and it takes a lot to admit that! even the pup gets into the soccer, for his birthday last year the husband bought him a super cool dortmund collar, so he supports the favorite team all year long (don’t worry, he still has his texas bandana and jersey to wear)!

i guess the one upside to soccer season starting is that it means christmas will come sooner rather than later, and that means christmas markets and glühwein….mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

if you want to keep updated on the bundesliga and dortmund, or just find out some more info, click below:



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