clinging to summer

even though we are only halfway through august, we find ourselves desperately clinging to summer. while this year it hasn’t been very warm or eventful, it is always, in my opinion, better to have summer than winter. and when summer leaves, that only means winter is coming…brace yourselves 😉

since we know that summer is coming to a close, we find ourselves going to the local ice-cream parlor more often (it has the cutest name: ciao ciao!) also having a few, last-minute barbeques and going for some nice walks on the weekend. all of these we are able to enjoy together as a family, which makes it all the more delightful. giving more reasons as to why summer is my favorite season of all.

we also know summer is fading because the weather is taking a turn for the worse (ok, maybe just cold, it could be worse). although we haven’t had a warm summer, or dry one even, you know that autumn is creeping in when at night its down to 12° (40’s°f) and on your morning commute to work you see other people wearing light jackets and scarves.

but it’s not all negative, the cooler weather means we are able to take the pup for longer walks because he can handle the temperature much better. yesterday, for example, we took a 45min-1hour walk home from a work bbq, and he was perfectly fine…flashback a month ago on a warm day, we could only spend maybe 20 minutes and he would be worn out! another positive is that we are heading to the states this autumn for my baby brothers wedding! so the cooler weather means that we are just getting closer to a trip back to Texas!

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