the perks of studying in germany (minus the term papers)

when first applying for a place at the university here in bonn, in all honesty it was as a way to stay in the country longer. but then, as it turns out, enrollment at the university isuseful for more than just that reason. not only has it allowed me, someone who is quite reserved when meeting new people, to make new friends and expand my studies in ways i wasn’t even thinking of before moving to germany. i am now 2 semesters into my program, so nearly the halfway point (just need to turn in 3 pesty term papers) and i wouldn’t go back and change any of it.

it also doesn’t hurt that when you enroll you get a public transport ticket valid for the whole state. so on weekends and such the husband and i can venture out to düsseldorf or köln or aachen, all free of charge! admittedly, that was one of the key features for me ;). also, the pup gets to come with us on these journeys, which he is always keen for (he really loves the public transport!)

also as a student, you get, how should i say…, certain “benefits” in regards to taxation. so since i only work part-time and make under a certain amount of money, i don’t get taxed. which is really nice, considering how high the tax rate is here in germany! i could also work a second job and, as long as i stay under that amount, its still ok :).

the only downside so far is the amount of work. but i guess when you sign up for a masters program in literature, you are bound to write a lot, no?! last term we only had 2 papers, which at the time felt overwhelming. coming from a bachelors where the majority of my work was exams or short papers, i’m talking 5 pages max., having to write two 15 page papers was rough. but this semester we are having to step up our game. this time it is 3 papers, still 15 pages each! but now it doesn’t feel as daunting, it actually feels manageable, so i guess that’s a step in the right direction. however, my desk and organization have all gone out the window…good thing i have the pup behind me on the couch for moral support 😉

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